Another UK LEGO fan

Based in the UK, he even works with LEGO bricks these days, building models for museums and running workshops for a range of clients with Bricks McGee. He is chair of Brick Alley LEGO User Group and LEGO UK Railway, and co-organiser of the Brick Train Awards, an annual virtual event for LEGO train fans. He loves LEGO cities and towns, and started the Big Brick City Survey to answer common questions about LEGO cities – what’s the average population? What’s the most popular city name? – and more!

Amchester is the showcase of his personal LEGO collection and a growing number of bespoke LEGO models built to create the ultimate city he had dreamed of during his childhood.

About Amchester

The name “Amchester” is a portmanteau of “Am” – the name of the river that runs through the city – and “chester”, denoting a Roman encampment at a past point in the city’s history.

The names of many other places places are borrowed from the Radio Four serial The Archers, but the places themselves don’t tend to bear any resemblance to those places at all.

My first LEGO City

My very first LEGO city was a fairly large affair in itself, as I was lucky to have a huge bedroom as a child. I named it “Cape Canaveral”, after the LEGO City spaceport set I was so proud of (set 1682). The city had an airport, monorail, a historic castle at its centre, as well as docks and – of course! – a LEGO train circling it.