List of UK LEGO blogs by Amchester Bricks

Someone asked me if I could recommend any UK LEGO blogs the other day, and a quick search revealed there wasn’t a handy list to send to them, so here we are – a list of UK LEGO blogs.

Most LEGO fans have adopted various social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok – in place of a blog these days, but I still enjoy longer form posts from LEGO fans. These longer posts provide a lot more insight in to the builder’s processes.

What is a UK LEGO blog?

For a website qualify for this list of UK LEGO blogs, I applied the following rules:

  • The blog’s author is based in the UK
  • The blog is largely about LEGO in some way – whether it’s set reviews, latest news, events, or the LEGO community generally

That’s it! If you think you qualify for the list and I’ve managed to miss you: sorry, and do drop me a message ( so I can add you!

UK LEGO set review blogs list

Blog name Comments Instagram Twitter Facebook Tiktok
Brickset Long-running LEGO blog with set reviews, releases and community news Facebook for Brickset Twitter for Brickset
TIps & Bricks In-depth reviews of sets with a focus on diversity and inclusion. Instagram for TIps & Bricks Facebook for TIps & Bricks
Brick Fanatics Sets and deals. Facebook for Brick Fanatics Twitter for Brick Fanatics

UK community news and opinion blogs list

Blog name Comments Instagram Twitter Facebook Tiktok
Amchester Blog by UK LEGO fan Richard - you're reading it! Instagram for Amchester Twitter for Amchester
Bricks McGee Reviews of UK LEGO community events, and annual list of UK and Ireland LEGO fan events Instagram for Bricks McGee Facebook for Bricks McGee Twitter for Bricks McGee
Stubot Opinion and reviews. Instagram for Stubot Twitter for Stubot