Breckland Bricks LEGO A4 Mallard on LEGO High Level Bridge at Bricktastic 2024

Newcastle’s High Level Bridge – a LEGO model

A long read about my process for building Newcastle’s High Level Bridge from LEGO bricks.

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Big Brick City Survey logo - LEGO city and town questionniare

Survey for LEGO city fans – Big Brick City Survey

The Big Brick City Survey is back, and needs LEGO city fans to complete it to help answer questions about LEGO cities worldwide!

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LEGO Locomotion Museum model - Shildon Brick Show 2023

A layout away from home – building a LEGO train layout

A layout away from home – a little background to the LEGO model of Locomotion Museum I built for Shildon Brick Show 2023.

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Amchester – a LEGO city reborn

It’s about time my LEGO city was reborn – here are my rough plans for the rebuild of Amchester LEGO city.

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